About Jiyu-Viyu LLC

Jiyu-Viyu is a global leader in the field of business consulting, project management, technology consulting, technology training and analytics. We are working in plenty of different industries and sectors like Information Technology, Finance, Clinical, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Logistics & Supply Chain, Aerospace & Defence, Consumer Product, Construction, Energy & Utilities, Human Resource, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Oil & Gas, Public Sector, Retail, Telecom, Transportation, Travel & Hospitality, Engineering which includes Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil & Structural Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Bio medical Engineering, Environmental Engineering etc. In different skills like SQL, JAVA, QA, BA, SAS and .Net.

Mission & Vision

Transforming mission into reality is the foundation of Jiyu-Viyu LLC. While this can be a daunting challenge for any organization, we are determined to enable our candidates with the best client and positions available today. In order to achieve our mission, being a match maker for both the contingency and consulting needs, we’ve established a set of Core Values that are requirements for being part of the Jiyu-Viyu LLC team. These values define our corporate culture and guide our decision-making processes at every turn. Loyalty our goal is to retain you as a client or a candidate. We have many clients for over 15 years, and we aim to continue this way. In addition, we have several clients who have become our candidates! Understanding your organization’s culture, climate and goals makes us a valuable partner. It is imperative that we have as much information as possible so that we can vet the right candidates for your team. Our candidates appreciate the wealth of knowledge you share. It allows them to review your website material in a different light. It helps them to understand where the interview is going and why. Together the synergy makes for happy clients and happy candidates! Professionalism at Jiyu-Viyu LLC we pride ourselves on our professionalism both inside and outside of the office. Our team strives to be the best and perform above and beyond industry rules and standards. When a client issues a job, we ensure the candidates that the position is well defined and realistic. Professionalism is inherent in our everyday work ethics. Integrity We believe that our clients deserve our undivided attention. This is not limited to the requirements being worked, but to the relationship and understanding of the workings of the client’s environment. Our commitment to quality is imperative to mutual success.)